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Aaron and Jory's wish to build gaming computers!

Twin brothers Aaron and Jory from Choctaw, Oklahoma, share more than just their DNA, they also have the same neuromuscular disorder.

aaron and jory

13-year-old Aaron and Jory have been diagnosed with a life-threatening neuromuscular disorder affecting the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement. Since their disorder often makes it hard to be mobile, the boys love spending time playing video games together on the computer. Despite their diagnoses, Aaron and Jory know that the bond they share is brought closer through their experience and time spent together doing what they love, gaming!

After qualifying to receive a wish through Make-A-Wish Oklahoma, Aaron and Jory decided that they not only wanted the same wish, to have gaming computers, but they wanted their wishes to be granted together so they could play with one another. Each year, the Oklahoma Spine Hospital partners with Make-A-Wish Oklahoma to grant a wish, and since Aaron and Jory’s diagnoses were like those treated at the hospital, their wishes were a perfect fit. Much to the boys’ surprise, the Information Technology Manager at Oklahoma Spine Hospital, Gary McCool, built computers himself. The boys decided that with the help of Gary, their “one true wish” was to build their own computers. After details were arranged and supplies were gathered, Aaron and Jory attended a special celebration in their honor at the Oklahoma Spine Hospital and planned a weekend to build computers with Gary. Together, the boys and Gary made computers, and memories, that they will never forget!

Make-A-Wish Director of Mission and Service, Kiyana Dan, believes that Aaron and Jory’s wish was particularly special because they did it together. “We get a lot of siblings and twins right now and many have different wishes, but this was the first set of siblings that had the exact same wish and involved each other,” Dan said. “It felt just as special each time they played together.”

Thank you to the Oklahoma Spine Hospital for making Aaron and Jory’s special wishes possible!

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