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Elijah's Wish To Visit A Dude Ranch

Wish Kid Elijah

“ I want to go out on the range just like a real cowboy! ”

- Elijah, Wish kid

I want to go out on the range just like a real cowboy!

Elijah and Dog

Three year-old Elijah is a very active little boy who loves horses and dresses like a cowboy on a daily basis!  You might even find him watching old episodes of The Lone Ranger in his play time or riding his stick horse “Silver” around the house.  Elijah was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was only six weeks old.  His treatment did not stop him from trucking along though – Elijah has too much excitement for life to let his medication affect him!  When wish granters from Make-A-Wish® Oklahoma met with Elijah, he knew right away that he wanted to go “out on the range” just like a real cowboy!  Elijah’s wish was fulfilled beyond his expectations when he and his family traveled to Tucson for his cowboy wish!


The trip ended up being just perfect for little Elijah and his family.  All the kids had such a wonderful experience, and were so sad to leave!  Elijah got to ride several times a day, and even got to ride a white horse just like Silver!  On their last morning, there was a breakfast ride and one of the wranglers volunteered to walk Elijah out so the whole family could go on a ride together.  The family said they ended up being BIG fans of the White Stallion Ranch and would like to return sometime.   They loved the wranglers that showed Elijah special attention, and that they were able to meet so many other vacationers from other countries!  Who knew that a ranch in Arizona would attract so many international visitors!  It was an exceptional wish!


I wish to go out on the range like a real cowboy! ”

— Elijah, Wish kid

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