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Jonah and Colby Meet the Cast of Street Outlaws!

Street Outlaws 405 Photos

“ The magic of a wish brought these boys together. ”

Jonah and Colby are two wish kids brought together by their love for fast cars and the Discovery Channel Show Street Outlaws.

It’s not so often that we get wish kids who come to Oklahoma to have their wishes granted so when Jonah and Colby arrived in Oklahoma City, we made sure they had a warm welcome! After arriving and getting settled in, Jonah, Colby and their families headed out for a night of garage visits in OKC. Jonah and Colby were marveled at the garages of Doc, Daddy Dave, and the ultimate Street Outlaw, Chief. They got to tour the garages, ask the Outlaws great questions and even got to sit in their racing cars! Jonah and Colby were both smiling ear to ear at the experience.

Saturday brought more fun as the group headed to the BIG SHOOT of the show! There, they got to meet more racers, see more cars, and chat with their favorite racers about their lives at home, all things racing, and so much more. The boys took thousands of photos and "talked shop" to their hearts content.  Once production started to roll, the boys were allowed to participate however they wanted. The boys were just a part of the crew. After a late night, we loaded back up and headed back to OKC for one more day of fun!

The last wish day brought it so many smiles. We got to visit the shop of Farmtruck, who races – you guessed it – a farm truck!! He showed us all around his shop, and some of the tricks of the racing trade. At the end of the day, the families not only were all smiles, but were also all tears as they said their goodbyes. As these boys from North Carolina might be different in so many ways, the magic of a wish brought them together.

We cannot give enough thanks to our partners, Make-A-Wish America, Make-A-Wish North Carolina, Dan Jolly, Backstage Limousine, and so many others for making this wish possible. 

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Lorelei , 17

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I Wish To Coach the Oklahoma City Thunder!

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