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Brittan's New Hot Tub


“ Receiving this wish has done wonders for her mentally and physically. ”

- Jerica, Brittan's mom

Brittan is a spunky, 17-year-old girl.  She cannot speak, but she speaks volumes with the energy and humor she shares with the world.  She loves to be outside with her brothers doing whatever they are doing; especially if it involves water.  She communicates through her iPad, but also responds well to pictures. 

Wish reveal day arrives, and everyone was so excited to surprise Brittan with her hot tub!  Her reaction surpassed everyone’s greatest hopes.

“After some mud, a lot of patience and giggles Brittan was able to climb in her hot tub. To say she is enjoying it is an understatement.  Once bedtime was proclaimed on day one, Brittan had no trouble heading straight to bed with no complaints.  For a kiddo who relies on medication for sleep – this is a HUGE deal.  Upon waking every morning since having her wish granted – Brittan has gotten out of bed and come downstairs with swimsuit in hand ready to go again!  Receiving this wish has done wonders for her mentally and physically.  As her muscles have begun to atrophy, the hot tub provides her with many medical benefits too – alleviating her sore muscles is just one of the many.  I’m sure you hear it all the time, but it is amazing to me how so many people, who don’t even know Brittan, came together to put a smile on her face and help her to heal. Thanks to you we have the hope of her life beyond her illness.  Thank you for welcoming us into the Make-A-Wish Oklahoma family with open arms and showing us the strength to march forward” -  Jerica Reece Baker, Brittan’s mom

Make-A-Wish Oklahoma was proud to be a part of Brittan’s life-changing wish.  We are especially proud of the way her new hot tub has given her the strength of hope for a more pain-free life.

Transforming lives one wish at a time has never been truer.

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