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Ty's wish to be a player for the San Francisco 49ers

Ty I wish to be

“ This was a good experience. He loves football and is just a great kid overall. ”

- Justin, Wish Dad

To 9-year-old Ty, more than anything else, he wanted to take part in a coin toss at a San Francisco 49ers home game during the 2012 season.

Heads or tails? Kick or receive? Every eye in the stadium focuses on this moment. The scoreboard is blank. The possibilities are still endless.

Ty is in the center of it all as the officiating crew tosses the coin…

Two Days Earlier
But there’s more to Ty’s wish. It all began when he signed on as the newest member of the San Francisco 49ers. His experience as a player started with his signature scrawled on a short-term contract.

The 49ers organization did everything possible to give Ty a look at all the greatest parts of life in the National Football League – his own locker, a uniform, even a copy of the 2012 49ers yearbook. And on the cover? None other than Ty.

The 49ers players welcomed the latest addition to the roster by making his autograph collection swell to offensive lineman-sized proportions. They posed for photos with him. Soon after, Ty watched the 49ers practice – an unforgettable, up-close look at the speed, size and strategy that defines NFL action.

One Tie for the Team, One Win for Ty
And now, the game kicks off. Four quarters later, the 49ers walk off the field with a hard-earned tie. It’s a rare result, only the fifth tie in the NFL since 1990.

Though his wish ends that day, Ty will always be a former San Francisco 49ers player. And that is just the edge he needs to keep his spirits up as he faces his progressive muscle disease.

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